The 13 characteristics of your typical liberal blowhard

  1. They like to talk about themselves….endlessly…. their social life, how hard they work, what they have achieved; they believe that you should be more interested in their lives than in your own;
  2. They like to publicly empathize with those not of their economic standing, though all of it is phoney; in actuality, they hold most people in contempt and have the concern for them expected of any sociopathic narcissist, which, of course, most of them are;
  3. They are creatures of the public state, though do not expect them to say so; in fact, they will feign how much they oppose it and how independent they are; the truth of it is that they want to be loved by everyone, particularly those whose reflective glow shines off them; this best comes from people in political power or other perches of influence;
  4. They do not want anyone other than their ilk to be successful and will do nothing to promote such success;
  5. They like talking about the people, or, as they say, pee-pul; they cast themselves as defenders of the poor and unfortunate but could care less for them; there is no private act of genuine charity on their part; instead , all of it is transactional and well-publicized.
  6. Their world is one of repeated self-praise, sprinkled with the occasional and certainly not to be seriously taken, self-deprecating joke; they do so as if to take the air out of the already bulging hot air balloon that is their ego;
  7. They specialize in getting what they want, most especially when it either hurts someone else or is to their detriment; Bill Clinton was a sexual predator, and this is one of their favorite pursuits;
  8. They are intolerant of criticism and engage in the most vengeful of attacks against anyone they think has dealt them even the slightest insult;
  9. They like to be surrounded by ass-kissers, who will endlessly heap praise upon them;
  10. They play by life’s biggest double standards; anything that works for them is fine; for you and me, well that’s another matter;
  11. They like to get others to do their bidding so that they can play up to all sides on every issue and with every personality involved;
  12. They have no feeling for the individual and live in a world of show and appearance where presenting a good image is better than being good, particularly when good PR can be gotten out of it all;
  13. They think what they are all about is unknown to people when instead it is out there for all to see;

These are the people who fill Democrat superdelegate slots, seek out and get spots on mainstream media as experts and objective commentators and generally occupy the ranks of every cadre of hypocrite and self-serving exploiter out there. You  will find them at all places where condescending approaches and pretence abound.

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