Sorry, Bernie and Elizabeth……capitalism is not a dirty word and we don’t want your socialist wasteland

It has become fashionable in Democrat circles to deride America’s system of free enterprise, the capitalist system.

Yes, let’s use and say with pride and satisfaction the words capitalist and capitalism.

It is the capitalist system that has made this country great and provided the world best and greatest lifestyle.

Let’s just look at a few of its achievements, because there are many.

First, it has resulted in the emancipation of women. Yes, the left like to talk about women’s rights, as if it is an area of their exclusive purview, but look at the facts.

Prior to the development of modern capitalism in the later part of the 19th -century, women were largely vassals of their particular household. I speak of poor women in particular.

A free market for the exchange of goods and services led to the development of better wages, industrialization, a system of public education…. all of these things helping women most particularly.

It also led to their justifiable attainment of the vote.

Next, it led to a reality where wealth is not confined to members of an aristocracy. In this country one can develop businesses and work for his or her dreams. Try that in modern day Saudi Arabia.

It has helped foster a pluralistic society of free speech, assembly and the attainment and development of one’s property. In America there are no Earls and Barons allowing you to be a tenant on their property. You can buy your own and control it.

Our capitalist system twice in the last century liberated the world from tyranny. Our tremendous system of industry first armed, then the victory won, fed and housed a world, providing it with all manner of goods and services. Ask the starving citizens of Berlin, enslaved by Soviet socialist oppression, who listened and saw our planes, loaded with supplies for them, coming night and day for years, plane after plane, all of the goods supplied and, made in America. That was capitalism in action.

Today, the world over, people want to come to America. Why not China? Why not Russia? Why not a host of other countries? Why not? The answer is simple. Because here we are free. Here you can work for good wages, obtain health benefits, start your own businesses, send your children to schools. Here you are part of a dream which for more than 250 years has been the envy of the world.

Yes, the Democrats see and want a different America. They want to regulate you so as to freeze you out from the American dream. The American dream. Do you ever hear of the Chinese dream, the Russian dream, the Swedish dream…? think about it. They want to tax you to pay for their government-controlled state where opportunity is limited to a narrow band of political class bureaucrats and oligarchs. They want to take away your choice, preferring instead to have irresponsible government bureaucrats control your lives. 

They want to gut the values of this country and what has made us the envy of the world. They want to reduce you from being a citizen to the vassal that capitalism very much helped you and I escaped from being.

They cover their plans with the misuse of such words as fairness and equality. Don’t be fooled by their Orwellian double-talk. It is all about control and reducing our rights, our opportunities and our role as citizens in the freest, the most democratic and the greatest nation ever conceived on this earth.

The tree of freedom has several branches. Free enterprise and capitalism are one of them. Allowing the Democrats to cut it off, will cause that tree to wither and die. Do not let them do it.

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