Forget about who the Democrats nominate, President Trump will win this election in a big way

Our nation is experiencing a period of prosperity and peace unequalled in its history.

Just consider these facts.

While under the state-controlled policies of President Obama, our GDP was at a stagnant 1%, President Trump, in unleashing the shackles of regulation and restrictive rules that Obama and the current assortment of Democrat presidential candidates favor, has presided over a booming economy.

Incomes among the working and lower economic class have increased by 3.4 %.

Meanwhile incomes for female led single parent homes have gone up 7.6 %.

There has been a 3.5% decline in poverty rates among African-American and Hispanic American families. Correspondingly, both African-American and Hispanic-American employment rates are at an all-time high.

In absolute terms 5,000,000 less Americans now live in poverty conditions than under Obama.

There has been a 60% decline in illegal immigration. The liberal media may like to cheery pick unfortunate cases, here and there, but overall our immigration system is flowing more efficiently and fairly, for both immigrants and our country.

Four years ago, under Obama, we were net importers of 5 million barrels of oil per day. Today this deficit has been wiped out and we are on our way to being a net exporter.

One of the President’s and our biggest successes lies in how he has stamped out the corrupt practices of the most tyrannical Chinese regime since the days of Chairman Mao. 

China’s GDP has stagnated and has ceased its upward gain on our own.

The President is exposing Chinese stock market fraud practiced in the North American and outside world marketplaces.

He has reduced and called out the Chinese penchant for trademark manufacturing fraud.

He has established a strong and positive relationship with Japan, thereby pushing back on China’s adventurous movements in eastern Asia.

In dealing directly with North Korea he is ensuring that North Korea is less threatening to its neighbors and the greater Asian theatre. As well, this relationship removes China’s monopoly and hence power position as the chief interlocutor with North Korea. Chinese control over its communist ally is now more limited.

The President has courageously restructured the situation in the Middle East, finally calling the bluff on those nations who insist on our military presence as a prerequisite to their pursuing peaceable aims.

He has revived the concept of nuclear non-proliferation with North Korea and Iran, scrapping, in the process, the sell-out agreement of appeasement agreed to by the Obama administration.

Yet, the Democrats, seeking to hide both our President’s real record and their own desire to spend, tax and regulate us into political and economic strangulation, want you and I to concentrate on a phone call to the Ukrainian President. I wonder why?

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