Deval Patrick says he’s had enough time with his family and now he wants to be President

The chaotic state of the race for the Democrat presidential nomination has now taken another twist.

Following in the tenuous steps of Mike Bloomberg whose campaign theme should be “ I should be President and I’ll pay my way to making you believe it and when you do, I won’t run,” former Massachusetts Governor Patrick Deval will now enter the race.

Earlier he said he would not do so but then a truth that was obvious from the outset to any objective observer, became obvious to him and  many Democrats. Joe Biden is a tired old re-tread with a limited attention span who is hopelessly out of touch with America. His service as a bellhop and doorman to the political class may have served him well as a Senator and vice-president but it is now clear for all to see that he is just not up to the big job.

Patrick, like Bloomberg, had neither the courage nor stomach to get in earlier but now, the dead political bodies of others providing cover for both, here they come.

Bloomberg intends to skip the early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Instead he will wait for Super Tuesday and its cache of 25% of all the delegates at stake. He or, more appropriately, his overpaid staffers and plotters, think that no candidate will emerge from the early contests and amidst this state of confusion money bags Michael will then be free to buy the big Super Tuesday States and come to the convention with he most committed delegates.

All of this is nonsense. The candidate will be known prior to the convention and she will emerge from the early contests. The winner there will rake in money and support for later contests.

Money bags Mike bought the mayor’s office in New York. His thinking that he can buy the Presidency is a false one. He knows this and is on another of his well-financed ego excursions. Its end game is his anticipated hope that most Americans will say, “ “by golly, wouldn’t it be great if he were President.” When you have billions, spending a 100 million or so to convince people that they should believe this idiocy is  not too great a price to pay.

Devious Deval is quite another matter. He sees a split emerging from Iowa and New Hampshire. He is betting that one candidate shall not win both. That leaves South Carolina with its rich vein of black voters available.

This is where he sees his chances and the welcoming chords of ‘Hail to the Chief’ in the not too distant background are calling him….or so his blind ambition suggests him to think.

The problem with Devious Deval is that he is weak. He has no gravitas. He was a functionary and transactional Governor of Massachusetts and even there, beyond the inherent  weakness he brought as a far left liberal, he was seen as weak.  

The preposterous notion that Joe Biden….think about it……was unstoppable and inevitable is now in tatters. 

The gate guarding his paper-thin wall of strength has been kicked in and now enter the opportunistic leeches, emerging from the swamp of Democrat politics.

Money bags Mike and Devious Deval are only the first two. Soon will emerge others who, after thinking it over, will answer what they suggest is their call of duty ( translated as ambition) and spend less time with their families so they might spend more time taxing and regulating us in their incessant pursuit of increased celebrity status. 

They are groping for the empty and hollow middle of the Democrat Party. They simply don’t know that it is gone. The loony left is in charge. Theirs is the party of 48 genders, platform banning, feelings over facts, denial of equal opportunity in favor of quotas and forcible results, a radical anti-western values driven agenda, the glorification of victimhood and all of those things that degrade, debase and denigrate our Judaeo-Christian culture.

The collapse of the former middle of that party and its attempted revival being placed in the hands of tired, cowardly and weak candidates is bringing music to the ears of Elizabeth Warren. She may even win ten States and claim her moral victory.

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