Today is Super Tuesday……for Democrats only

As they say in Mississippi, the snakes are squirming. 

Pete and Amy have left the field. Beto has returned, if only to join them in pumping up, as they see it, at least, their last chance to beat back the voters and restore top down rule in the Democrat Party.

It is all so predictable that all that seems missing is the painted on smiling grimace of Hillary Clinton. Yet, wait, she made at least one early morning talk show appearance today. On it she extoled the virtues of the fat -cat super-delegates who helped her stem the Bernie tidal wave last time around. She is suggesting the same will apply now and she may not be wrong.

Democrats like speaking about the democratic process but when it comes to practicing it, well, not so much.

They treat those they cannot control much as would a tyrannical dinner host who is continually telling the kids to go to another room before the card table is set up so that they might eat. It’s a we don’t want you at the table performance and its practice is very familiar exercise by the establishment elements of the Democrat Party.

However, should they achieve their objective in gutting the Sanders campaign, using along the way every trick and ploy imaginable, they will then be heard saying, ‘well, you know, Bernie Sanders and his supporters bring much to our Party’ and on will go the platitudinous blather.

We are witnessing not, as some suggest, a coup. No, a coup is much more peaceable. This is an outright example of a political death squad in action. All that is missing are the assault rifles and trucks meant to carry away the bodies to unmarked graves.

Here is my call on how today’s vote will go.

Bernie will carry California, though Biden will be above the 15 % delegate threshold and come away with a score of Democrat delegates from the land of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Both of these alligator-like swampites will then work hard to further chip away at Bernie support, suggesting unfair election processes and other conjured up scenarios of one evil and another.

Bernie will carry Texas, primarily on a Hispanic vote. The Hispanics know Biden to practice his greatest hypocrisy on immigration policy. He and” Obama the Terrible” deported more Hispanics than any other President, before……or since.

Bernie will also carry Minnesota; Amy having dropped out to avoid her inevitable loss in her home State.

The State to watch is North Carolina. For Biden’s purge to succeed he must carry this State.

Bernie is truly crazy but it is difficult not to feel a certain sympathy for the old codger, caught up, as he is now, in the Democrat meat-grinder.

Fear not though you grand old socialist you; for after they kill you off, they will provide you a great funeral.

Its theme will be based on that of Caesar, with Nancy and Adam, alligator tears sliding across their greasy faces, saying how they are here to praise the Vermont Senator and not bury him.

The impeachment fiasco brought the country the opening act of the Democrat farce. Their nomination process is bringing us its second act.

Get ready for the November finale where their three-ring circus will thankfully end with the tent falling down on their comic performers. 

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