Greta Thunberg new Green Cult leader

Call it child abuse , the exploitation of the mentally ill, or both, but Greta Thunberg is the world’s current best-known example of both.

Breathing as much hell fire and fury as possible from her tender nostrils, this Swedish teenager is the freshly minted and newly christened Godchild of the new left environmentalist movement. They are using and abusing her as at once their agent and protective shield against criticism of their wacko beliefs.

Yes, criticize environmentalism and  you are, according to the Green movement,  guilty of child abuse and gross insensitivity to the mentally ill. Greta, though 17, describes herself as a child; her family has said she is mentally ill. The Greens suggest both make her, not worthy of some protection, but instead more focused. In other words, a more ready tool for their illicit and corrupt practices.

The Greens have elevated her to messianic status, bringing her down off her cross in their plans only to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, the prime secular tribute they deem her worthy enough to lower herself to embrace.

It is pure set -up and charade for another fundraising bonanza along the lines that Al Gore, the World Environmental Fund and their ilk specialize at for self-promotion and enrichment.

They are cynically using poor little Greta to boost their backward agenda and to end debate.

Debate, you see, any measure of scepticism of the type real science represents is what they loathe and fear.

Science is , of course, a methodology and approach and a good one. It says keep seeking evidence and don’t stop in your effort. Be sceptical and do not accept dogmas and belief-based conclusions. 

Not so for the modern environmental movement however; theirs is a world of identifying those who want to keep learning as, and here’s one of their favorite phrases, ‘ a denier.’ Oh, my, you’re one of those non-believing deniers. You must be exposed and punished, certainly beaten in the process.

Several centuries ago non-believers of this sort were burned at the stake. Today they are marginalized in mainstream media, relegated to the land populated with other such conveniently identified types as supposed misogynists, xenophobes and, of course, the all-encompassing racist. Yes, deny our beliefs and you are likely a racist in addition to other of your evils, is their message. 

The new left has learned that using these terms not only marginalizes any who do not worship at their altar, but it also shuts down debate. Their message is clear” disagree with any of our views and we personally identify you with one, or, better still, all of these labels.

Young Greta is now their poster child spreading an all-consuming fear and doomsday message; a virtual mannequin spewing every imaginable frightful and dastardly scenario, all of it to scare us into blind fully willing acceptance of their creed.

Theirs is a world of doom laden, human hating, anti-progress scenarios, where people have no future unless they live in small unheated homes where eating meat is forbidden, they refuse to travel by anything other than foot or bicycle, eat only what they themselves grow ( organically, of course) and where their medical treatment and care is restricted to natural remedies, modern medicine , necessarily, being geared only for profit and to make us sick so we will keep buying unnecessary drugs..

The political class wants us all to live in perpetual fear, treating human progress and development as an evil force out to destroy their version of a pristine natural world, a place where  man , as they see it, has done nothing other than been a force of evil. Well, not all man, mind you; rather principally European man and his North American descendants. Indigenous populations, by their reckoning, live in a state of perfect harmony with nature. They are, in fact, its keepers and stewards.

These environmentalists have a falsely romantic view of nature. What they fail to realize is that our desire for economic growth and development has brought forth every measure of human progress, including what might be considered, by some at least, these few achievements: formal education, the end of slavery, the emancipation of women, an abundant food supply, dramatically increased life expectancy, proper housing, the development of organized societies and on goes the list. Yet, why expand upon that, as they exploit Greta to intone, that instead we can live as people did 700 to 1000 years ago. Our scope of travel can be no more than, say, 10 miles ( I should say kilometres, of course), we can limit our clothing to no more than 2 selections ( both woven from natural fabrics) and maybe even we can worship the sun as the great giver of light as our life expectancy decrease to the tender age of 20 or, if lucky, 25. It is a cult and they are cultists, plain and simple !

Nature is a threatening environment and for mankind to survive and thrive people have had to tame and conquer its ravages. Nature is not out to embrace and comfort you. It is an arbitrary environment, having no appreciation for your presence and its forces, while not purposefully, will kill you unless you harness and control them.  Our system of free enterprise is not threatening the world. Instead it has and continues to provide it with hope. 

What of the near 3 billion people on this planet still living in poverty? Tell me, what will best help them out of it? Greta’s treehouse or the most prosperous and successful system of development ever created, with today’s leader being, well, what do you know, the good old United States of America.

 For the environmentalists, however, our country, is really the biggest threat to mankind. They are pure lunatics and their doctrine the type of lunacy one would expect from such misanthropic drones.

Every major prediction ever made  by self-described environmentalists concerning our soon to be crisis, followed by demise has been proven wrong. Two hundred years ago they told us we must cut back on human population or face a starvation epidemic that would wipe out world population. What happened? The Industrial Revolution, producing and continuing to produce more food, goods and services than the world can consume. Our problem is not in cutting back but in distributing more of it. When pollution occurred  as a necessary by-product of growth, we dealt with it. Incidentally, what of acid rain? Remember how that would end us. It’s gone. What of the ozone layer ? It fixed itself. You can tell your girlfriend she can use her hair spray again; it will no longer wipe out the ozone layer. Thirty years ago, they said the world’s oil supply was near its end. Now we realize we have more reserves in the ground totalling more than all of the oil ever consumed. What about all their talk of global warming? Now they call it climate change. 

These are really arrogant people , you know. The mother earth they profess so much love for is thought by them to be very weak, needing them to protect her from their real enemy, namely people. They are people haters. It’s time to tell them that their mother has more grit than they do. I fear, however, that if we use the word grit, they will be consumed with the notion of wiping it up then next applying an alcohol swab to the area. 

Greta and her gang of self-promoting fraud artists live a very good life, produced in whole by the lifestyle they wish to deny others. Hypocrites, zealots and end of world prophets are all of them !

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