Bloomberg gambit signals weakness of Democrat Presidential candidates

Every four years Michael Bloomberg attempts to soothe his ego by floating his name as a possible Presidential candidate.

This time he means it.

The 77-year-old former mayor of New York is musing loudly about entering the Democrat race for President.

It is not so much that he can offer anything new or novel but instead merely reflective of a Democrat field so weak, so inept and so incapable of forging any winning alliance, that he sees an opening.

Bloomberg is attempting to occupy the so-called middle ground of a party that is ever drifting to the socialist left.

Seeing the demise of Joe Biden, which, after all, was quite predictable, he is calculating that this ground is open for him and he has the money to buy it.

On the Biden analysis, the aged former Mayor is correct. Poor Joe is now betting everything on his South Carolina firewall strategy. Conceding Iowa and New Hampshire, he is placing all of his chips, purchased from his rapidly dwindling campaign funds, on South Carolina and that state’s black vote to bail out his flagging campaign.

It is a hopelessly flawed strategy and any observer of Presidential politics knows it. 

After losing both Iowa and New Hampshire, the media will devour old Joe, concentrating on the how and why his campaign failed. Campaign donations will dry up, supporters will begin jumping from the campaign, seeking refuge with other candidates.

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, his supposed block of black voters, constituting what will be revealed to be a paper-thin fire wall, will finally realize that old Joe is a loser. His 40 plus years of playing understudy to a string of Democrat political class vultures will do him no good.

Mayor Mike believes this to be his chance and he will spend, spend, spend, in advance, to score victories in the string of Super Tuesday primaries. 

It all looks so nice when charted out in the Bloomberg boardrooms. The problem is it will not work.

Here is what will happen.

The winner emerging from Iowa and New Hampshire, will head south with a full head of wind in her sails. Her position in South Carolina will soar.

Then it will become a question of can this winner be stopped. \

One of these geniuses pumping Bloomberg’s strategy should take a look at Al Gore’s 1988 campaign. He banked on Super Tuesday and we all know what happened there. Ask former President Michael Dukakis. Oh, right, he lost as well.

The Democrat presidential field is a complete mess. It is hopelessly feeble and its efforts chaotic.

Think about it. This supposed party ready to take over has leading its presidential candidate field an aged and faltering old retread, on campaign life -support, an equally aged socialist who has absolutely no path to the nomination and a wide-eyed radical Massachusetts Senator who is promising to tax and spend our country into bankruptcy. This is their talent field. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. 

For a party that is supposed to be so strong where is the talent? 

It’s a situation where even Michael Bloomberg thinks he has a chance and who can blame him?

Expect soon to hear of a draft Hillary movement or bring back John Kerry or maybe even Al Gore, if he will come down out of his bird’s nest and put aside, for a moment, at least, his carbon credit cheques.

\The Democrat party has no leadership, it has no policies, it really lacks any purpose, excepting, of course, a mean-spirited and relentless pursuit of power.

It is basing its campaign not on our economy, the strongest in 5o years, the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years, the lowest unemployment rate ever among all minorities, the greatest number of successful business start-ups ever, a nation at peace and building new international relationships, shedding the political class shackles of the past…….no, none of this. Instead they are basing it on a telephone call our President made to the President of the Ukraine, telling him that your hard-earned money will not be spent for corrupt purposes or by corrupt persons, including greedy ex-politicians and their family members. Think about it.

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