And here we go again with Russia..….

It is an hilarious spectacle to watch as the Democrat establishment, liberal TV cable hosts and all of their hangers-on,  enter the twilight zone of frenzied political disassociation. In normal cases of such mental illness, one would feel sorrow for its victims. Not here, however; not for this assortment of users, exploiters and entirely selfish collection of misfits and denizens of a dark and deep political underworld. 

They represent the real Democrat party, fashioned by the Clintons and Obamas, a motley group intent on self-serving greed. They mask their true intentions with talk of their concern for the poor and middle class, while all the while seeking to escape from both groups, treating each with disdain and a sense of self-righteous moral superiority.

Nancy Pelosi is on their front line, as is Adam Schiff. Bought and paid for media windbags like Chris Mathews, Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow and recycled has-beens  such as tired and worn James Carville and Paul Begala ( both desperately seeking to stay relevant) help represent their public face. Turn on your TV and they are up there, day in and day out, shovelling their bile at us.

Right now, they are terrified of Bernie Sanders. You see, crazy old Bernie has struck a chord among much of the Democrat electorate. That group, as way out there, as they are,  on policy issues, have had enough with the top down hypocrites who forced Hillary on them and pay attention to them only every four years at election time.

This time around this establishment of prats and rats are  preparing to fasten their greasy, slippery fingers around Bernie’s throat and once they squeeze out his last breath,  those same fingers will be placed back on the levers of power,

These Democrat thugs, never really taking Sanders  seriously ignored him, thinking he would wither on the vine and go away. After all, 78 years old, an avowed socialist, a recent heart attack…..what threat could he be to their cosy little Washington nest, infested as it is with the rot of corruption and greed, fostered and encouraged by a bloated and fat cat Democrat establishment?

Well, as it turns out old Bernie has an army that will not retreat or surrender. They’re going to the convention  which either he wins or throws into such disarray that who knows who will emerge as nominee. For them there will not be any cuddling up to a standard bearer carrying the water for the detached elitists who brought them crooked  Hillary and the false prophet Obama.

So, in their collective wisdom…and fear, the Democrat establishment came up with a play from the old book of dirty tricks and lies, so conveniently opened by Hillary last time around.

“Oh my”, says Adam Schiff,” the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming and they’re doing so to support Bernie.” Yes, Ivan and Sasha have  gone from Trump to the Bern and all of this is so scary and threatening. It seems the country that cannot make a decent toaster can nonetheless destroy our way of life, stealing this and that election along the way. Oh, to have such power.  How can we possibly stop this from continuing? Yes, defeat Bernie Sanders and then President Trump and make , as our President, a supporter of the corpulence that is at the core of the modern Democrat Party. How convenient. 

 If it takes a combination of lies, rich superdelegates ( wanting the system to make them even more rich), Clinton and Obama hucksters…..bring it on, as anything goes in the power at any cost game honed and perfected by the narrow band of cutthroats hunkered down in the Democrat bunker. Praying and hoping for the miracle turnaround, it’s  the old Tammy Hall crowd all over again , except this time they appear on stage fashioning on their faces the rancid make-up of false self-righteousness.

The Democrat Party is in freefall. It  is a mess covered with political slime. It cannot even organize a vote in Iowa or count votes in Nevada. It has told us for the last three years that the country is in peril but fear not, the Democrats will save us. Save us from what? Save us from whom? 

They are a party without a soul, any direction or purpose and any capacity whatsoever to lead. Still, they are what we need apparently, and they will stop those bad Russians from destroying our democracy. What hogwash !

 Thankfully the real America is, unlike them,  neither weak nor delusional. It is also inherently more decent and truthful.

Stay tuned for my next article exposing the truth about so-called Russian interference in our elections and what is really at play concerning Democrats and the Ukraine.

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