Democrats propose selling Secretary of Sate job to Bloomberg in return for his buying Biden presidential nomination

I suppose nothing that MSNBC dishes out, no matter how outrageous, should come as a surprise but sometimes, well, it just goes beyond even their outlandishly desperate partisan standards.

Such was the case on Thursday (February 27th’s) ‘Morning Joe’s” broadcast.

The entire assembled panel of flaks, thugs and hacks that make up their regular sleaze gang, namely ,Donnie Deutsch, the Reverend Al Sharpton ( please don’t leave out “ the Reverend or just plain ‘Rev” as his fellow “ analysts” like to refer to him) and the rest of that early morning rump were in Democrat Joe Biden promotion hyperdrive.

Their collective frenzied fear of a Bernie Sanders nomination has sent them into fits of an irrational state that, in any other circumstance, would require hospitalization in padded rooms where meals are fed through straws to shackled patients.

Here is their latest.

It is a three-part plan. 

  1. Mike Bloomberg should withdraw from the race before this coming Super Tuesday.
  2. He should throw his support, but most of all, his money, behind, you guessed it, Joe Biden.
  3. Once Biden is elected, he should name money-bags Mike as our next Secretary of State.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pay-off to me, or, to use a term the Democrats were triumphing against the President last month, a quid pro quo. Funny isn’t it, how definitions change when the old game of two-faced Democrat self-serving greed comes into play.

Yes, so Mike drops out and pays for old Joe’s campaign and will get to be Secretary of State in return.

In the same state a rabid animal would demonstrate, what I call the establishment wart-hog Democrats, have completely lost it. They are now openly saying what once was only said by them behind closed doors, among collections of super-delegates, bagmen and the shallow elitists who dished up Hillary and are still suffering from the self-induced post- traumatic stress disorder brought to them by her defeat. 

It seems, in the Democrat world, buying an office is quite alright, just so long as you pay enough. While 500 million may not get you a presidential nomination it will allow you to ante up even more loot for the Secretary of State position.

I wonder what the price is for Secretary of Commerce? I understand Chuck Schumer is interested but remember, he is cheap, cheap, cheap. We can only guess what Adam Schiff will pay to be Attorney -General. Still, among these virtue-seeking, motivated only by decency, purists, anything goes. The cause justifies all, even when the cause is all about selfishness and its pathway entirely corrupt.

Oh, and on the same broadcast, panelist and Biden toady, Jon Meacham was promoting his new book on the meaning of the last eight words of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t seem to be a correct fit, wouldn’t you say?

It’s all so bizarre, that had it had not happened, not even the most talented of humorists could make this stuff up. Yet, there it is, for the world to watch and listen to, while these clowns talk of restoring proper values to politics.

On Monday morning they will be screaming about the Biden comeback. Expect them to demand that Bloomberg’s pay-off to old Joe goes up in price.

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