Just one reason ( and there are so many) why the impeachment fiasco should and will fail

Among the many reasons why President Trump will not be successfully impeached, here is another one. It is a basic one and has been in plain sight from the outset.

Yet, the frenzied bloodthirst of the Democrats for the President’s head and the willing participation of the mainstream media in fostering this insidiously motivated charade are collaborating in covering up this most basic of facts.

For any successful impeachment, there must be direct evidence establishing that the President is guilty of “ high crimes and misdemeanours.”

In the Bill Clinton impeachment such evidence was mounted in piles. In Richard Nixon’s case, it was provided in the tapes and by witnesses such as John Dean.

Here there is no such evidence. There is simply no link between the allegations against the President and evidence supporting his involvement or culpability, even if they were true, which any objective inquiry establishes they are not.

Nowhere is there a witness, nowhere is there any direct evidence to support an impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives, much less a conviction by the Senate.

This is the  sad reality of a process which is, at once, disrespectful of our constitution and the parameters of a proper impeachment inquiry outlined in the federalist papers, yet entirely typical of a Democrat controlled Congress which is absolutely out of control.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s only defence, if she indeed has one, is impotence. All she can plead is her paralyzing fear of the Democrat mob, bent , as it is, on destruction and mayhem; masquerading its venal partisanship  under the cover of public duty and a purported sense of honor. Their hatred of the President is so intense, so all-consuming , that any sense of duty and honor they may have had has long since vanished, swallowed up by their malice, greed and jealously of a 2016 election result they can neither respect nor accept.

It should be asked of those Democrats  now seeking the presidency, whether they think our President will be forced from office as a result of this impeachment inquiry. They will not give a straight answer because they know it to be one that will ostracize them from their base. In this essential reality is the entire truth of this perverted impeachment process.

It is all about show, all about the attention it will secure from the ignorant base of the Democrat party, dominated, as it is, by self-interest and having no concern whatever for either reality or the national interest.

The impeachment inquiry zealots, Schiff, Ocasio-Cortez and company are tearing up our constitution and betraying our history in what they are doing. The Democrat leadership are more concerned with their office views overlooking the Potomac, the perks of power and satisfying Deep State control merchants than in standing up for what this country represents and what countless thousands of brave Americans have shed their blood to protect.

Where now have they left the notion of Republic and the beauty of a balanced system of powers governed by the rule of law? Where now and how are they honouring the sacrifices of the people, for the people, so that all people in our nation are served and protected by the benefits of a free and self-governed people, living in accordance with the rule of law ?

It is all meaningless to them. All they consider is how it might hurt and destroy a President they hate so intensely. To them that is all that matters.

So, we have an impeachment inquiry whose result is preordained to fail. Not because of trickery or chicanery on the part of our President. Rather, because the Democrats are failing to follow the most basic rules of law in launching this abomination. 

They know there is no evidence to so much as launch an investigation. They know, however, that their majority will bring the matter to the House Judiciary Committee who, in turn, will follow the same partisan direction and vote articles of impeachment ( all of them illusory and false). They know that the Senate will properly vote down these same articles. They know all of this, yet, they will go ahead because it provides good politics to the base and a field of the weakest Democrat presidential candidates in modern American history.

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