Reuters, NY recently reported that Chinese IPOs have hit a standstill in the United States this year.

Last year 31 Chinese companies went public in the US. Only 2 have went public this year. 2 more are slated to file for public status next week. The US government has implemented tough laws regarding corporate accounting practices after the Enron collapse, and that is cited as a reason for the down turn.

Chinese companies are now turning to Asian and European markets as alternative.

The US banking crisis headed up by Fanny Mae, and IndyMac collapses have not helped bolster the US securities market abroad. US investors are also as insecure about foreign investments in these times of financial difficulty in the US economy and an election coming soon.

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Below is a graph showing Chinese IPOs in US exchanges over the past 4 years sourced by Reuters data and this chart from the Zero2IPO Hong Kong based database.

What does this chart mean? It means what it looks like. The US is losing it's lustre regarding international investments and Americans are becoming weary of investing in companies based on the other side of the earth when they have to keep a roof over their heads at home.

What does this mean for startup and web companies here?

Stick to the US market and hold off expansion. Everybody would like to have their website redirect to 60 country localized versions of their online service like Google does. It's not a hard thing to do, you can grab a complete list of world IP masks for every country here and redirect HTTP requests to a localized version of your website based on what country users are located in. This is approximately what Google does. But, you would need the international staff(1000's of employees world wide) to update those websites and that is a massive global investment.

Bottom line, now is not the time to grow internationally. International markets are retracting. Wait until a resurgence. Android is soon going to be released to a new set of phones and Web 3.0 may just take hold.

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