When you’re a Democrat elitist, well, you can do anything and to hell with everyone else

Here are this week’s top four award winners in the “I am a Democrat and I can say and do whatever I want’ category.

In 4th place, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn. Now this is a guy who could give Bill Clinton a run for chief egoist……. but we will get to that in a moment.

It’s not so much that Clyburn thinks a lot of himself but how he insists that everyone else must do so as well.

He gave his endorsement to old Joe Biden (in South Carolina) but he equated it more to a blessing. He went on to say it was meant….and it succeeded, he noted….to give Biden the momentum and victories on Super Tuesday, which Clyburn, with all due humility, of course, took credit for.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, how Democrats look at the votes of African-Americans as ‘the Black vote.”

It seems that these voters have no individuality. Instead they are, as Democrats see them anyway, one big blob, there to be plucked and taken for granted.

Not only are they the blob, as Democrats see it, of their Party but they are also mindless. Think about it. There they are, according to the Democrat theory, waiting for boss man Clyburn to “tell the folks what to do.” Once he steps out on his balcony and nods this way of that, there they go, running to the polls to do wats master Jim done tell dem to a do.

It’s a pathetically patronizing and condescending approach to our modern politics and it’s brought to you by the Democrats.

In 3rd place we have the in the Democrat bag mainstream media. They had a successful week. They absolutely disgorged poor Bernie Sanders.

Now, let’s see, CNN has called him a communist sympathizer, who like’s Stalin’s subways. MSNBC went so far as to say his demise has helped the stock market rebound. I suppose exposing communist treachery does help this along.

From the shrill megaphone voice of Rachel Maddow to the dim-witted blather of Wolf Blitzer, its been a full press attack on crazy Bernie.

It’s not so much that crazy Bernie is fit to be President…. he’s not, but neither is Joe Biden (stay tuned for our second prize winner) but in this country we value fair play.

Not so for the fat cat boys and girls in the Democrat owned mainstream media.

It is so refreshing to see a President finally take these morons on. Credit to President Trump in suing CNN for libel. Go get them Mr. President and, in so doing, help bring fairness back to media coverage.

In 2nd.  place there is the ever-hypocritical Joe Biden. He is pure sleaze, making him, by default, the Democrat establishments best bet.

This guy’s record of political duplicity and corruption is at last coming out.

It’s so bad that even National Public Radio is having trouble hiding it.

Old Joe has backed and pushed for every bad trade deal. He has been lobbyist in chief for the credit card companies, most of whom have crooked corporate tax shelters hidden away in Joe’s home State of Delaware. He’s been on their payroll for more than 30 years.

Yet, most of all it is Joe’s viciously hurtful lies. He has lied and switched his lies on what he supposedly did in the civil rights movement. Incidentally, he did nothing. However, old Joe has said he marched…. other than when he says he wanted to but didn’t….in civil rights crusades. Perhaps worst of all he said he was arrested in South Africa when he went to support Nelson Mandela. Even Andrew Young says that Joe was not only not arrested but scurried back to the hotel when it was suggested an attempt to see the famous Mandela in his jail cell would be turned back by the police. But Boss Man Jim Clyburn says that a don’t bother him none just so long as he can trade his people for personal favors.

This guy is simply disgusting and that is before he set his son Hunter up in an $ 80,000.00 per month job to doodle while sitting at the end of a crooked Ukrainian company’s boardroom table.

Corrupt, a liar, senile……. your Democrat candidate for President.

Now, for the coveted first place.

It goes to none other than Bill Clinton. This should come as no surprise since Bill must always be at center stage.

This week Bill finally told us why he was using the Oval Office as his sexual abuse den with Monica Lewinsky and his other victims.

It seems, and these are Bill’s words, “they served to help his anxiety.” Yes, it seems Bill had a need and his needs are all that matter. That’s leadership Democrat style.

You sociopathic pig. It truly is all about you, isn’t it Bill.

Forget about your female victims; forget about their feelings; forget about simply allowing them some dignity or even privacy. Instead you must explain away your victimization of them.

No, as always with the Clintons, Bill and his evil mate, the succubus Hillary, it’s all about them.

His anxiety; can you imagine the selfishness. A total and absolute sociopath with a wife in tow who matches his every psychotic characteristic.

And there are our Democrat top four, each a bottom feeding creature of the Washington-New York swamp corridor.

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