Trump triumphant in India………despite liberal media’s efforts to spin lies

President Trump wowed Indian politicians and audiences alike on his recently completed two day State visit to India.

Among other things he concluded trade and investment deals which will see, in the short-term,  upwards of 12 billion dollars in new investment in and purchases from our country. Beyond that the doors are now open for 100’s of billions of dollars in new and fair trade, where American made products will compete in fair markets under equally fair trade deals.

In addition, he led discussions with Indian politicians on a more peaceable negotiating framework for them in their ongoing and often troubled relationship with neighboring Pakistan.

Nonetheless, according to the liberal media his visit was more about how he related to the verdict in the trial of a major Democrat  fund-raiser and Hollywood mogul.

Prior to a State dinner, in celebration of the successful trip, the President conducted a press conference for US, Indian and international journalists.

The questions were many and varied, including discussion on the successful state of negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan, whereby the long lasting conflict of the past 19 years may finally come to an end. The questions giving rise to these discussions came from Indian and international journalists.

Yet, what headlined the news broadcasts of US mainstream networks as soon as the conference concluded?

You guessed it; the President’s response, when asked a question about  the Harvey Weinstein verdict, which, incidentally, was the subject of most interest to the liberal American journalists in the media pool. Yes, Harvey Weinstein and not peace in the Middle East, a blossoming trade relationship with India or even the President’s efforts to fund the stemming of the corona virus. No, none of these things seemed to matter to a group of fake news hyenas, more intent, as ever, on sensationalism than fact. 

CNN topped the list of absurdities when it led its newscast outlining the fact that the President expressed support to Weinstein’s victims “ despite his being accused by at least ten women of inappropriate sexual conduct himself,” its reporter being careful to note.

There in a nutshell is what the liberal media is all about. Plain and simple bias and sensationalism for all to see in clear  view. Pure fake news meant to mislead and focus attention away from reality to the illusion- dominated world of the hacks and butchers who fill the ranks of the liberal media.

Ignore and even dismiss the President’s  restoring excellent relations with the world’s second largest populated country, make  no mention to his achieving the first opportunity in 19 years for peace in Afghanistan, something which  his predecessors, over that time period failed to do, and instead try to tie him to Harvey Weinstein, who is a major backer of the Clintons and Obamas, though, strangely enough, neither have him on their guest lists anymore.

This is media censorship designed to control the agenda. Never has it been worse, never has it been more biased and we should waste no time in exposing it for how destructive it is to free speech and the American public’s right to know.

These liberal media bunko artists are control freaks with a malice riddled agenda. They spin their lies as truth and turn what is irrelevant into what they falsely suggest is meaningful. 

Truth is their victim and we are left to suffer the pain and harm  it brings to our body politic.

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