Who will be the next president of the USA? Live

  • Cory Booker
    0% 0 / 4
  • Kristen Gillibrand
    25% 1 / 4
  • Donald Trump
    75% 3 / 4

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History of American national anthem

The American national anthem is a song that millions of people around the world are aware of, but people don’t know much about the history of how 'The Star-Spangled Banner' came to be. Author and critic Erica Wagner explains the origins of America's national anthem and explores the reverence the United States has for its... Read More...

Where is the Democrat Presidential free-for-all heading?

It is said that many aspirants for a Democrat presidential nomination have other things on their mind. The most ambitious have the vice-presidential nomination as their ultimate objective. In this race, Cory Booker and Tim Ryan are competing for that title.  For others, a potential Senate seat or governorship.  The self- styled cute little Beta… Read More…

Kamala Harris and the sleazy & selfish games that Democrats play

While the Democrat presidential candidates talk about hard-working Americans, those in two or even three jobs, having no health coverage, trying to make ends meet and for whom these same Democrats so much want to fight for, let’s look at how they do things for themselves. The new star in the Democrat field; the let’s… Read More…

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Democrats, fearful of the truth, seek to hide President Trump’s achievements

The Democrat Party with mainstream media in support would have us believe that all that is relevant to our national politics are President Trump’s tax returns and his alleged conspiracy with the Russian government to influence our election process. Night after night on MSNBC and CNN the loony leftist hacks spew out fiction after fiction... Read More...

President Trump is building the strongest economy in more than 50 years

The economy is booming and President Trump’s tax and regulation policies are at the root of the boom. America’s economy always performs best when government gets out of the way, allowing the initiative and drive of our people lead the way. How best can our people exercise this initiative and drive is obvious. Lower their... Read More...

MSNBC anchor lies about General Robert E Lee to promote Biden candidacy

It will come as no surprise, considering the virulently partisan approach MSNBC brings to political reporting, that it has engaged in a deliberate pattern of lies and misrepresentation respecting the terrible happenings more than one year ago at Charlottesville. From the acid- twisted bitter tongue of former Democrat operative  and now MSNBC mudslinger Lawrence O’Donnell,… Read More…

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