Latest on the impeachment inquiry circus….and the band plays on

It is the he said to her who said to a fellow who heard that his friend knows a person who said she met a diplomat’s secretary at a bar who told her that she heard a rumor that a person representing President Trump lobbied an adviser to the Ukrainian P[resident to…….and here it becomes cloudy.

This is the essence of the impeachment inquiry. There is nothing there and nothing to link the president to anything wrong, much less impeachable.

Yet, it goes on. 

The Democrats know their chances to defeat the President in next year’s election rest on destroying him now. They cannot run on the economy, on how we are at peace and helping build a more stable world. No, this is not available to them.

Their dire election prospects are confirmed in the weak field of presidential candidates they are putting before the American people. Nobody of any strength or merit left in that Party are contesting its presidential nomination. They know what is in store for the eventual nominee and want none of the mess that afflicted McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis, to name the most recent of their nominees, handicapped as they were by a party catering to special interests and big spending, big tax and big regulation policies.

So, we go back to the impeachment process they have falsely engineered to oust a President from office whose record has been successful. This is the real ‘peace and prosperity “ President. The Democrats know this and equally know they cannot beat him unless they misuse and abuse either or both the electoral and legal processes and this is precisely what they are doing.

Any District Attorney knows you do not bring a case to trial that cannot be won. Yet, the Democrats, knowing full well that the President cannot and will not be successfully impeached, are going forward with this charade.


It’s pure politics and pure Democrat inside the beltway, political class politics to boot.

In this impeachment process there are no “ smoking guns,” no witnesses who can testify as to a President’s direction of illegal actions, nothing whatsoever that establishes any wrongdoing, much less wrongdoing of the President of the United States.

Undeterred, the Democrat band plays on, serenading a cabal of tyrant’s intent on a coup. It is one of the most disgusting spectacles ever witnesses in our politics

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