And now for the inevitable in Democrat Presidential politics

From the outset we told you that old Joe would fall and now his tumble is in full downward spiral.

Attribute it to what you will… corrupt money laundering in league with Ukrainian interests, his charter and long-term membership in the Washington-New York political class, his fading energy and lack of focus….any one or combination of these negatives and more were bound to do it and they have.

In the last debate, as we noted, he had the appearance of a disorientated deer caught in the  headlights. He was largely incoherent, making dated references to “ record-players and promising to forcibly bring social workers into American homes to tell you how to bring up your children. He was the modern version of the Democrat party on full display.

Now, the polls, once his only saving grace, reveal a candidate in freefall. The blood is on him and expect the flock of Democrat vultures to descend on poor old Joe.

The immediate benefactor of his demise is, need we say we told you so, Senator Elizabeth Warren. She now leads nationally, as well as in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Soon, the mainstream media will be speaking of a course adjustment in the Biden campaign, how the fight is back in him, how Democrats will rally to him as the only viable candidate and on it will go. Don’t be fooled by their ongoing blather.

They now want him out, seeing , as we all do, as old Joe might say on our “ color TV sets,’ that the one thing going for him has left. Namely, the false notion that he is a winner and, more particularly, one who can beat President Trump.

Joe is not only not a winner, but the heart of the Democrat party does not want him to be one. He is done. He is toast. He will flutter in the polls up and down and finally and invariably, crash. There will be the tear-filled withdrawal from the race. Old Joe will talk about the need to unite the party and how he will be in the fight to help its nominee win in 2020. It will simply be more empty rhetoric from the man who has championed the language of empty rhetoric for his more than 40 years on the public payroll.

Old Joe will then be back off to Minsk or Kiev or more likely still, a new and thus far unknown locale to wash and scrub as many dollars or Deutsche marks as he can get his grubby little hands on.

So then, its Elizabeth Warren as the certain nominee, right?

No, not even close.

The next dynamic in this race will be the media’s frenetic obsession on who now will challenge her for the crown.

Everyone , except Bernie Sanders, knows he is as cold as a plate of yesterday’s biscuits. He’s done. So too is Willie Brown’s girlfriend, Kamala Harris. Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a trendy following, but the Democrats will not nominate a man married to a man. They will say this means nothing to them but after securing nods of approval on how open and tolerant they are, they will then close the door to him.

There is now a big opening for someone to emerge as the challenger to the shrill Senator from Massachusetts.

Who will it be?

Little Beto would have seemed a good bet but in promising to reveal the party for what it is, namely a gun seizing rump dedicated to providing free and unlimited healthcare to illegals, expanding government regulation and, of course, raising taxes, he has limited his chances to the fringe element that tops out at 10 to 15 % of party support.

Look for Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota to get more airtime and stretched looks from over the shoulder gazing liberals. These thugs will begin speculating on how more mainstream she is a compared to Warren, how  her midwestern status will sell better, how her role as a former Federal Prosecutor will assure moderate voters and, of course, in their continuing adoration of identity style divide and conquer politics, how it looks better to slay  an Elizabeth with an Amy, as opposed to, say a John or Tom. and on will go the checklist as the power-hungry leeches of the Democrat party look for their next frontman, excuse me, front person.

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