Second Democrat debate descends to a new low of political depravity

My first thoughts took me to images of the potato sack race at a Sunday School picnic. I was thinking that maybe it would at least have the same fun, its irrelevancy having been established before the starter’s gun was fired. However, there was nothing fun about it. It offered us little other than a hapless mob of microphone competing left -wing zealots. Each typified the left’s principal identifying markers: cause over individuality; rigid ideological conformity and, the one I find most bothersome, a total lack of humor, much less any ability to laugh at one self. 

Accordingly, the comparison would be unfair……………to every potato sack race at every Sunday School picnic ever held. At least at such encounters there is some meaning to the event. This one left all watchers with an emptiness that comes from knowing that everything you are witnessing has at its core fraudulence, corpulence and the desired triumph of blind ambition at the expense of every aspect of individual liberty.

The second, in keeping with the first, Democrat debate was listless, boring and all things non-inspirational. Its real cruelty, however, and cruelty is the apt word, lay in its disgustingly elitist atmosphere.  Here we were again subjected to this noblese oblege crowd touting their “all about power and control ‘attitude.

We know the types. Having achieved their ambitions and in the process of trying to achieve more still, they feel it heir duty, one they should in fact be congratulated for, to tell us how content we should be with less. Yes, for despite all of their rantings and blasts about how they want to see our lives enriched, their vision of this is confined to our acceptance of their ideas and oversight. And, you see, they, and here we go again, know better. After all, these are achievers and we are not quite up to what their superior lifestyle has provided them. Therefore, our expectations should be less, our taxes more and our freedoms restricted. Better to leave things with these better people, you see, including our own futures.

These are the people all about ‘show.” They have the most goods, therefore making them the smartest. They make the most money, therefore rendering the common person, they so disingenuously embrace every four years, lazy by comparison. They want to be seen as intellectual, buying though never reading all the right books, schmoozing at all the right parties, forever being tolerant of even the most intolerable; smug, self-centred and having no concern for anything other than their own advancement, something they will walk over anyone to achieve. These are our self-styled leaders and you will find them in any Democrat party establishment near you They want again to run your lives, control your choices and pick your pockets. Bill Clinton typifies their sociopathic instincts; Hillary Clinton their mode of operation. He the serial rapist and stalker; she the operational mind of a criminal enterprise, extorting every dollar, euro, and rubble in sight for their own private piggy bank. Next among their ranks are the Obamas, the technocratic exponents of this new social order, placing you in ranks of Orwellian like drones, each marching in lock-step for the greater glory of the state.

This is their world and, if they have it the way they want, the average American will soon be a mere cog, a play thing, in the machine they seek to design.

Yes, there will be free medical care for all illegals. You out there who pay the taxes, obey the laws, send your children sent overseas to protect our values……it is you who can wait in line, after your private insurance is cancelled. Ask Old Joe and Bernie and Kamala about that one. 

You see, letting illegals jump the line and leave you languishing allows our would be masters to demonstrate how caring they are and, we, by comparison, really so backward. We, you see, just don’t understand these things, living as we do our little lives with concerns and interests so limited as to be meaningless.

This issue and one other defined the debate. The other being forced busing. Yes, just to make clear how bad they see our country as being, they endorsed going back to another time when our kids were removed from our neighbourhoods and forcibly bused to other schools, just to meet Democrat race quotas.

It was this second issue which defined the night.

Kamala Harris is now being credited by the liberal media with knocking off old Joe in an exchange that was absolutely asinine.

Mind you, Joe did himself in with a listless performance demonstrating what is now his clear inability to keep up with the rigors of the campaign, much less the weight of the presidency. This is what happens when empty ambition triumphs over common sense.

Anyway, Harris invoking her days of riding a school bus in 1972 told old Joe that the school busing issue was not intellectually based. No, it came down, as all Democrat rants do, to feelings and emotions. Forget about the facts, in other words. It is about how we feel, and we certainly don’t want to feel offended.

It was upon this basis that old Joe took a tumble.  This is the kind of stuff that knocks down a Democrat. Think about that one the next time there is a threat from a foreign power. I actually think he and his crowd would panic were the lights to go out at the White House. They’re not exactly stuff for another chapter in “Profiles in Courage ‘you might say.

Too weak and dim-witted to respond to her criticism tired old Joe curled up and gave away his speaking time to other participants.

Bernie Sanders was his normal intensely charged self. Screaming and bellowing as often as he could, he continues to march resolutely to the exit door. There’s no one more boring than a forgotten but not yet gone Marxist. Watching his decay and the efforts of his opponents to grab his dwindling cadres of supporters is much like seeing local tribesmen tear the clothes off and remove the personal possessions from a dead soldier, lying defeated on a barren battlefield. One feels some sympathy for the deceased but comfort in knowing his threat is no more.

The rest of the field were so invisible that they bear no mentioning. Wait, there was an exception. The author Williamson; her performance was so embarrassing that she either had not taken her meds or had taken too many.

Its group of ambitious, yet vacuous, would be powerful, yet vapid participants had about them that same we know best attitude shared by their comrades the previous night.

An agenda dominated by the end of private medical insurance, free medical care for illegals at the expense of uncovered citizens and nostalgic reminiscences about the forcible busing of children so that our neighbourhoods would be broken up and re-fashioned anew, Democrat style.

This odyssey is just beginning. Buckle down and get ready for more.

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