Kamala Harris and the sleazy & selfish games that Democrats play

While the Democrat presidential candidates talk about hard-working Americans, those in two or even three jobs, having no health coverage, trying to make ends meet and for whom these same Democrats so much want to fight for, let’s look at how they do things for themselves.

The new star in the Democrat field; the let’s bring back busing and take away your private health insurance coverage Kamala Harris, has had an interesting career path.

As a, you guessed it, San Francisco prosecutor, she kept the streets safe from litter bugs and jay-walkers (nothing too controversial please, it might hurt my dive into the Deep State career trough). She opted for a more convenient career path to the top. She willingly and gleefully slept her way there, saving her later apparent disgust of such supposed entirely male inspired sexually exploitative behaviour for when such a change in approach would satisfy her then selfish needs. Moving from bed for benefit to bandwagon for social-justice achievement, she showed not the slightest bit of contrition in becoming a lead cheerleader in the “Me-Too” movement. No, for her, it was and remains all about “me.” All tactics are secondary.

Back in the mid-1990’s she began a series of sex for current and future consideration encounters with the notorious Democrat ward-heeler politician of all time, Willie Brown, 30 years her senior but, and this is of course merely coincidental, Speaker of the California Assembly and principal patronage disburser in California. It’s funny isn’t it how true love does not find its way to the local garbageman or corner store owner. No, in Clintonesque form, both Kamala and Willie offered to the other what each considered their best asset: her, her body and he, his ability to pay the price she demanded for its rental. All that was missing was either of them, mimicking Bill, with Bible in hand, head bowed, lower lip quivering, pleading for understanding. Good acting ability has truly left the Democrats just when they need it the most.

Harris personifies the hucksterism and hypocrisy of this current crop of Democrat presidential loons. She also demonstrates, in full view, its antiquated policies, long discarded as reckless failures by serious observers.

In this case, she reasoned it was for others to live by their principles. I am going to do whatever it takes to get what I want and if prostituting myself to Wille Brown works, so be it. Merit is for speeches to encourage others. I’m in this for me and I’m going to get what I want, no matter what it takes.

You see, Willie, doubtless the love of her life, had the California taxpayer pay well for her services to him. He appointed her to the State Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board and also to the State Medical Commission. Together these plums provided her an extra $100,000.00 added to her prosecutor’s salary. Also, of course, was a generous publicly funded medical insurance plan and, as an added incentive or bonus for services well -rendered, a new BMW. Isn’t it always a BMW for this crowd? I wonder who parked it for her when she rendezvoused with Willie or went to the latest Hollywood bash?

Credit her for being a good negotiator, as it is clear she got the best of the bargain. But then again, Willie was, even then, at the stage of grabbing whatever came his way, especially when he could have the taxpayer and not him pay the service fee. Democrats always like spending your money when it benefits them.

Most significant, however, was the entrance card it provided the hard-working Kamala into the chambers of the dark administrative state of public careerism. Now there, behind its locked doors she is joining old Joe Biden, socialist Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, the Madame Mao of the new left-wing loon Democrat cultural revolution, in making plans to design a new America, in their image and touting their values to serve their selfish ends for you and I to serve.

Yes, without busing, that little girl would not be standing where she is now, is what she said, wasn’t it?

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