The ‘Black Lives Matter” movement is a national disgrace

Liberals never let facts get in the way of a good fund-raising narrative, especially when it serves their gender and race baiting brand of identity politics.

So it is with that fatuously named movement, ‘Black Lives Matter”, sponsored and embraced, by the now familiar cadres of modern day liberal elitist interests.

Even the name, Black Lives Matter, is representative of the ethos of the contemporary left and its peculiar brand of self-serving careerist style politics.

“How can you be against” us, is their message. We are the virtue-seekers, triumphing the importance of black lives. By implication, you, should you oppose us, and next comes that now well-known blast, are racists and every other form of societal knuckle-dragger imaginable.

As odious as their tactics are, they are brilliant. The mainstream media, as might be expected, fall into line, not wanting, of course, to make it appear they are dare suggesting that such lives do not matter.

The left-wing fundraising billows start pumping, filling the office space of this latest collection of misfits with sufficient cash for position papers, travel budgets, advertising and, well, you guessed it, staff salaries.

After all one must look one’s best when arriving to the MSNBC ad CNN studios to face the softball questions of Rachel, Don and the rest of the loony left propaganda machine. Got to get our message out there to scare all of our taken for granted constituents and supporters to death.

Who cares about truth, who cares about facts; it’s all about the cause we weave and you had better fall into line. Get ready for judgment day, liberal style.

This strange movement started out in response to the false notion that blacks were somehow targeted by white police officers for the modern day version of ‘ special handling ‘ akin to something one might expect from a group of SS special forces roaming though rural Poland and the Soviet Union.

From there, however, the movement, like any publicly funded bureaucratic clique, has metalized. Now, it is regularly called upon by liberal media outlets 9 The NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc0 to provide opinions on a variety of political and social matters. It reached a new low point in absurdity when Black Lives Matter spokesperson, Alicia Garza, appeared in liberal press and television media under the headline: “Democratic Candidates: Here is what black people want.”

It would seem that this movement is now the voice for all black people and, so much so, that it can provide their wants to a crowded field of Democratic Presidential nomination aspirants. No need Democrats to talk to people; simply suck up to one elite structure after another. That’s what a good Democrat is expected to do these days.
So, at the risk of letting facts get in the way of yet another liberal spin the myth effort, let’s look at what is actually going on concerning the ‘Black lives matter’ movement. I’m speaking about the raw and unfiltered data and not the equally credible facts that the movement is irrational and setting back race relations to a pre-Civil war mentality.

According to the liberal spin merchants blacks are being shot by police officers across the country at a disproportionately high level compared to whites.

Again, we must remember that liberals feed off race based statistics in their efforts to support the race industry. Perpetuating racial division provides oxygen to their lungs.

As the story goes 50 % of police shootings involve whites and 26% blacks. Yet, because blacks represent only 13% of the population, this 26% figure, being twice what might be expected, renders the police racists. Interesting. However, it isn’t quite that simple.

Over the past 20 years violent crime, meaning murder, rape, robbery and assaults, is down over 40 %.

During that same period blacks have committed more than 30 % of all such crimes.

In other words, the incidence of violent crimes committed by blacks is higher than the rate of police shootings by blacks.

It is also near 2.5 times the black population. The fact is that Blacks commit more violent crimes than whites and, unfortunately, can be expected to be in more altercations 9 than whites) with police.

It is not a situation of police seeking out Blacks in order to victimize them.
Blacks resist arrest at a level more than twice that of whites who do so. Further, the majority of violent crimes committed by blacks are against other blacks. The figure is 72%.Blacks murder whites at a rate more than twelve times that of whites to blacks. The figure is twenty-seven times (blacks versus whites) on any type of violent crime.
Where’s the demonstrable anti-black racism considering these facts?

If you’re wondering where these statistics come from check out those two great anti-liberal sources, The Washington Post and the NY City municipal administration.
None of these statistics justify the murder of any individual, black, white, Hispanic or any of the other liberal markers. Conservatives simply prefer the description “individual.” We do not need a race identification adjective or modifier.
Maybe it’s time we stop using race to proliferate tensions so that special interest groups can maintain elevated positions of power and influence.

Instead, it is time to recognize the great work of a Republican administration whose polices have helped reduce black unemployment to its lowest level in more than 50 years.
All lives matter.

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