Socialists will control who the Democrats nominate for President

The old hacks, led by the aged and faltering Nancy Pelosi are saying one thing but the facts establish another.

The Democrat Party’s loony left wing dominates the party’s Presidential nomination process. Last time around it thought playing by the rules meant something in a party whose nomination process from top to bottom was closed to all but those selected by the party elite. Remember those so-called super-delegates. They were the rich fat and lazy cats who felt it beneath themselves to fight for delegate spots. No, they would do it the old fashioned Democrat way. They would buy a spot. Dissident Democrats have tapes of Pelosi and her lickspittle sidekick Hoyer demanding that would be challengers to the old guard get lost. This is the Party who tell us of their new ideas and approaches. It seems those new notions encompass the old socialist ideals of Marx, Lenin, Mao and Stalin.

Contributions to the Clinton foundation flowed in for years in advance. A seat at the table after all did not come cheap. Bill and Hillary envisioned a rich, very rich, retirement after a second tour at the White House.

Bernie Sanders, gathering up a series of small though numerous contributions, set fear into the Clintons and their corrupt hangers on. It was not so much that Bernie, the self-described socialist, was the hero of the Democrat Party. No, that had nothing to do with it.

Sanders instead was the anybody else who might stop the Hillary beast and her band of miscreants, all of whom were salivating at the appointments, favors, patronage and connections which would follow for them , their payments to her and Bill firmly in place.

This time around they will have nothing to do with tolerance and painted on smiles for the same band that gave them the worst Democrat Presidential candidate since James Buchanan. No, they have had enough and now they will get what they want; an ideologically pure fellow-traveler of their cause.

What they want and what they will get if elected are; huge tax increases, more regulations, an increased size of government, reduction of our military strength and an environmental policy which will destroy the American energy sector. Most of all, their litmus test for judicial appointments is pro-abortions, including late term abortions. They want to not only change our economic order, you know the one which has given us the highest standard of living in world history, but they want to change our social order and sense of moral decency.

This loony left is not merely a force in the Democrat Party. It is the Democrat Party.
Pity be to the candidates who do not follow its every demand. Already they are bending over to accept what it takes to get the blessing of the true believers, the socialist misfits who dominate the Party. Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamal Harris are feverishly competing for the blessing soon to be bestowed by the likes of Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez. Such is her appeal and drawing power that both and lesser light candidates are sucking up to the young first term member and her stated socialist agenda. Warren is giddy over Cortez, saying “millions are taking cues from her.”

Anything for power is the Democrat way and now that party’s stalwarts have descended to new depths of political depravity.

The Deep state, with its thousands of supporters and benefactors is licking its collective chops, waiting for restoration of an elitist empire that President Trump is working hard to dismantle so that constitutional government may be restored to our nation. We must stop the Democrats whose candidates are distinguished from each other only in terms of the varying degrees of their political obscenity and political vulgarity.

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