President Trump is building the strongest economy in more than 50 years

The economy is booming and President Trump’s tax and regulation policies are at the root of the boom.

America’s economy always performs best when government gets out of the way, allowing the initiative and drive of our people lead the way.

How best can our people exercise this initiative and drive is obvious. Lower their taxes and reduce burdensome and counter-productive regulations.

Democrats never seem to understand this fact, preferring instead to embrace the administrative state with its host of bureaucrats and their controlling regimen of rules taking choice from you and giving it to them.

Let’s look at the evidence of what the President has done and its effects.
When he took office, GDP growth stood at 1.8%; it now stands at 4.2%.
The unemployment rate is at a 50 year low. Coupled with this, payrolls are at their highest since the end of the recession in 2009.

The stock market is up 27% with corporate profits surging to their highest levels of all time. Increased profits are resulting in further investment and job hires.

Over four million more Americans have received jobs under the President’s leadership. During the same period under Obama, employment fell by more than 2.9 million jobs.

Under president Trump the economy has grown, to date, by more than i.4 trillion dollars while under Obama, during the same period under his first term, it grew by just one-third of that amount.

Consumer spending and business investment are both rising steadily.
There are now 6.7 million American job openings and 6.6 million Americans classified as being unemployed. Never before in our history has the imbalance been so great.

What was the highest in the world corporate tax rate of 35 5 has been slashed to 21 %.

What is most key, in addition to tax decreases, are the regulatory cuts. Regulations on business have been reduced by near 20 5, with the trend continuing.

Yet, in Washington and among the mainstream media the news is all bad. It’s a strange reality and one that must be exposed.

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