Democrats, fearful of the truth, seek to hide President Trump’s achievements

The Democrat Party with mainstream media in support would have us believe that all that is relevant to our national politics are President Trump’s tax returns and his alleged conspiracy with the Russian government to influence our election process.

Night after night on MSNBC and CNN the loony leftist hacks spew out fiction after fiction concerning these two subjects and how both and like stories are the most important issues of the day. Are they really? Let’s look to the actual record of achievement of President Trump. Here are just some of his achievements.

  • His court appointments are in keeping with the role of judges as set forward by our constitutional founders. He is appointing Judges who adhere to the separation of powers central to our form of government.
  • In the field of international trade he is putting America first and negotiating trade deals that best protect American workers and American industry.
    Middle class wage increases are rising higher now than at any time since the Great Depression.
  • Black joblessness is at its lowest ever recorded level. For Hispanics of the 14 months of joblessness under 5 %, 13 of those months have been under President Trump. Yet, according to Democrats and mainstream media the President is a, you guessed it, “racist.”
  • The President is leading the western world in rejecting the inevitability of Chinese hegemony on the world economic stage. China is a corrupt country, it practices slavery and uses espionage to advance its economic interests. President Trump has called this nation’s bluff and his trade tariffs are bringing China to its heels. He has the courage to speak truth to a nation which considers its mere size and cheap labor supply a club too resist.
  • The President’s Middle East policy is finally putting this nation’s interests first. He recognized the reality of the Israeli political situation in moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. Other Presidents have talked about it. This President acts. He has told the Palestinians that if they will participate he will pursue policies that will enhance their economic position. He has signaled, with our troop withdrawals from Syria, that America will no longer play the primary role in maintaining security for countries capable of doing so on their own. The special interests howled when he took our troops out but what has been the result? Just as the President forecast. He properly cancelled the deal Obama made with Iran. This deal imperiled the security of this country in preventing the Israeli’s in taking any action to deter Iran’s plans for nuclear armament.
  • He has pursued a dialogue with North Korea, seeking to negotiate a way forward as opposed to his predecessors who lacked th4 courage and fortitude to do so.
  • He has said no to the cozy Washington establishment who have had a set way of doing things designed to suit their own political interests.
  • He has actually reduced government regulation and influence in our lives.

A stronger economy, a more limited federal government, a respect for the constitutional division of executive and legislative powers and a better defined and purposeful role for America in world affairs. All of this has been achieved by this President.

Yet, our media tell us the most important things we should be concerned with are the contents of his tax returns and digging up what more on the now discredited allegations of Russia collusion between his campaign and the Russians.

It’s time we wake up to what is really happening among the Washington-New York power grid. It’s time we starting examining what their real purpose and role is and what and who is behind their falsification of his record.

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