The Democrat Presidential nomination race today

Often is asked the question concerning a political candidate, ‘Would you buy a used car from this person?’ This year’s Democrat hunt for that party’s presidential nomination looks more like the car lot than the salesperson.
Front and center on that lot is the parry’s answer to the Edsel, Joe Biden. If ever there was a candidate who could be described as yesterday’s man many yesterday’s ago it is hapless old Joe, that tired and weary windbag and circus like clown performer at Democrat fundraisers.

After 40 years of languid service in the Senate, distinguishing himself only as senior member of the Washington swamp, old Joe is back at it. Rejected in 1988 because of his theft of British political material and knocked out in 2008 because, well, he was simply around too long even then for Democrats to stomach, he is once more salivating to be our President.

He just can’t get over the fact he is a reject, a perennial loser who, while good at holding someone else’s jacket and holding the door open for others, he is just not up to the job he so desperately wants. Even his former boss, Obama, can’t stomach the thought of old Joe as President. Last time around Joe was hit by a Barack attack that directed the crooked Hillary to the nomination. Just think about that one. You are so bad, so ill-equipped, and so weak, that you are passed over for the likes of crooked Hillary Clinton, co-participant with her likewise criminal husband in the Clinton foundation, a personal piggy bank extorting huge sums of money from foreign powers and would be buyers of influence. That says something.Yet, as a true statement to the quality of the remaining Democrat candidates Joe now stands ahead in the polls. Enjoy it while you can Joe. It won’t last.

The Democrat Party has placed a blind –fold around its donkey and the beast is roaming about in all directions, uncertain of which direction to take and who to let on its back.

In a crowded field, some are running for Senate, others for name recognition, still others for the money that may come from Soros and other left wing loons but all, except Joe, of course, for the Vice-Presidential nomination. Consider that for a moment. The field is so weak, so bereft of talent, that all but one of them see their best chance for success s in being nominated for Vice-President. As such they all want to be number two to another worthy of being only a number 2.

Joe has no such illusions, knowing he is too old to be the tail even on a toothless dog. In fact his age has laid the foundation for his first campaign slogan, “Elect me and I’ll serve only one term.” What an inspiring message which roughly translated amounts to, “don’t worry, if you elect me I won’t stay around too long.’

Old Joe truly represents what Democrats are all about. Old ideas, insider favors, promotion of the political class at the expense of average Americans and the elitist attitude of those who consider themselves the blessed and our betters. He is a throwback to every example of failed policies and government domination over our lives that is crushing our constitution and the rights of Americans.

The Democrats are a party possessed by fear. They are scared to offend anyone of their branches. Fearful to nominate a man, lest they offend women. Fearful to nominate a white, less they offend blacks or Hispanics. On it goes. This is the party that cowers and trembles to the pleadings of Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow. It’s difficult to see how it plans to stand up to foreign dictators.
Behind Joe are another old throw back, Bernie Sanders, the victim of Hillary’s theft of the nomination last time around, Elizabeth Warren, the whining sycophant of failed liberalism, Kamala Harris, the empty California Senator who delights in deploying every liberal catch-phrase and bromide and a host of other washed out might have beens. These are the cast.

Soon, one of the also-rans will push Joe aside and then will come the fence mending and attempted move to the center. Don’t buy a word of it. This field of frenzied left-wing loons have plans for this country. Plans to raise your taxes, regulate more than ever your lives, strip America of its strength and drive its businesses to cheap labor markets. This is their mantra and mission. We must have none of it.

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