Democrats violate Constitution in maddened effort to impeach the President

Our Founding Fathers debated at length the circumstances where impeachment of government officials, including the President, should be undertaken. 

Impeachment was to be used reluctantly and only when partisan considerations were put aside in favor of strong and compelling evidence establishing no plausible conclusion other than the one alleged. Then and only then could the next level of inquiry be undertaken, namely was the conduct in question  of such a nature and kind that it rose to the level of removal of the official in question from office.  

In Federalist Paper 65, written on March 7, 1788 by Alexander Hamilton, the dire consequences of partisanship dominating the impeachment process were clearly spelled out.

Hamilton remarked:

The prosecution of them ( referring to officials so prosecuted) for this reason will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases it will connect itself with the pre-existing factions and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence and interest on the one side or on the other; and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of the parties, than by the real demonstration of innocence or guilt.

At no other time in our history has that wise phrase, that warning from more than two centuries ago, had more meaning than it does today over what has become this partisan driven and frenzied impeachment drive to oust our President. It is the very worst of partisan politics deployed by a Democrat party dominated by hate and driven by the greed shared by its splintered factions. 

From November of 2016 onward their most pressing concern has been to destroy our President.

Let’s be clear: President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong, much less anything impeachable, in his dealings with the Ukrainian President or with the Ukraine in general. He has not only followed the constitution but has done his duty in trying to determine whether our laws were broken and the conduct of American officials, past and present, brought  the reputation and standing of our country into disrepute.

So, what did the President actually do? He followed up on admissions by Joe Biden himself as to the former Vice-President’s activities in the Ukraine. 

Biden admitted to making American loans totalling some one billion dollars to the Ukraine contingent on the firing of a prosecutor in that country. The prosecutor was investigating a company friendly to Biden’s personal interests and those of his son. The Democrats are twisting this to say that the American government had no interest in alleged criminal corruption involving a former Vice-President in a foreign country. Really? That’s a stretch even for a Party that has long run its machine on illicit cash and pay for play practices.

Next, they try to complete their twisted web of lies with the suggestion that such an inquiry ( by the President)  really was his seeking foreign intervention and assistance in his re-election. There’s no lie like the big lie and the Democrats are masters of such doublespeak.

Let’s be clear. The President sought no such assistance. What he quite properly sought  was information concerning a situation where hundreds of millions of our dollars were being provided to a country amidst the spectre of crimes and corruption among the highest of officials, including ones from our past administration. Tell me, where would the impropriety lie? In seeking such information or in being wilfully blind to it while millions of our dollars are possibly placed in the hands of money launders and other greed merchants. That’s where  the Biden’s, father and son, come in.

The Democrats see an opportunity here to do two things, both precious to their survival instincts.

First, the fact that what the Biden’s were up to in the Ukraine now coming out, they are trying to shift blame and attention to the President for investigating it. Turn a legitimate inquiry into what is corruption by the Biden’s ( and others) into the suggestion that the President is seeking foreign assistance in his re-election. That’s a fine two-step right out of the standard Democrat playbook.

Next, cash in on their insatiable thirst to destroy the President no matter the consequence. They simply cannot get over their 2016 defeat. Their every effort for the past three years has been to frustrate governance and engage in one phoney and fake effort after another to dislodge the President.

Speaker Pelosi knows that there are no grounds for impeachment against the President. However, more concerned about her position than in the Constitution or government of our country, she is allowing the partisan zealots of her party gain ascendancy in its ranks. They want blood, the President’s principally and are blinded by their thirst for it. She’s going along, failing to have the courage or integrity to stand up for the country and its laws, in the process.

The Founders knew of the dangers of  allowing a mob of the sort characterized by this Democrat Congress unleashed upon our nation. The strict delineation and balance of powers outlined in our Constitution will save us from the torrent of false outrage against the President they are falsely fomenting for selfish aims. 

Alexander Hamilton’s warnings of the dangers of  unbridled partisanship in any impeachment process make clear that this dangerously reckless and unconstitutional  Democrat effort must be stopped dead in its tracks. 

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