Biden campaign’s fundraising plummets to 4th place as information comes out about his money laundering schemes in Ukraine

The political reality of Joe Biden’s corrupt practices in the Ukraine are now being felt as his campaign bagmen are coming up short in old Joe’s efforts to collect campaign cash.

In this last quarter old Joe fell to 4th place among Democrat candidates. He is behind both Senators Sanders and Warren, who each raised 25 million and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who raised 19 million. 

In fact, the former front-runner and now exposed active player in illicit business deals involving both him and his son in conspiracy with former communist Ukrainian money launders, is only slightly ahead of Senator Kamala Harris in the Democrat money game. He has raised 19 million and she 15 million.

Expect things only to get worse for him from now on in. The simple fact is that the bloom is now off his campaign. Once considered Mr. Inevitable he is now Mr. Never, a title he wore comfortably since 1988 and now wears again.

What is particularly striking about the three Democrat front-runners is that all of them are over 70, with Biden and Sanders now each close to 80. 

It is a weary and tired collection of cranky old liberals, trying to be relevant today with their old slogans and ideas. 

In Sanders case, this reinforced after his recent heart attack and surgery, he is physically unfit for the presidency. He won’t concede this, however, just so long as the campaign cash keeps rolling in.

And role in it will, his average donation being $18.00 per contributor. That being the case, all of them have a lot of room left to keep giving.

Bernie likes the high life that campaign dollars allow. He and everyone else knows he has no chance. Yet, his solid 15% rump and the millions of dollars they generate will keep that old socialist and humourless windbag going.

The Warren and even Biden camps, while publicly expressing good wishes to Sanders, want him out as soon as possible. Biden thinks his campaign will breathe new life with an influx of Bernie supporters. Wrong! Warren believes they will necessarily come to her. Wrong again.

The Bernie voter sees Biden as the party’s latest version of Hillary Clinton. We know how that wears with them and no more need be said. As for Warren, they regard her as elitist and remote.

No, on the thin chance that Bernie steps aside and takes his bag of campaign cash millions to his recently constructed Vermont mansion, the dream of every socialist, his supporters will be looking for a new class warrior demagogue. If one cannot be found, they will splinter away or merely stay away, preferring not to sully their purity in the muddier waters of real politics. 

The backroom crowd, inheritors of that old Democrat party-boss school of corruption and power broking, are now looking for a more plausible standard bearer. Biden is finished; Bernie never was, and Warren is emerging as never can be. 

Expect their media lap dogs to soon begin talking in terms including such blather as, “ there is emerging a strong drive from….,” “ it appears that the campaign of ….is now catching fire,” and on it will go.

Will it now be enough to stop Warren? The last time they played this game, back in 1972, George McGovern could not be stopped. All that now remains of interest in this latest Democrat boondoggle is if Warren can. Stay tuned for the latest in the Democrat soap opera. 

They are in panic mode and for a party that were so confident that they thought all they need do is put a name on the ballot come election time and the rest would be easy, they are finding out that the American people still have a say in this process. 

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