Biden stumbles in 3rd debate and liberal media effort to revive him falls just as flat

It was a debate which again featured the triumph of the true face of the Democrat Party.

Candidates focused on race, race, race in an attempt to play the Democrat game of identity politics where dividing us is their key in conquering us.

The police are racists, judges are racists; all excepting, of course, the safely ensconced political class are racists. But fear not. Kamala and Elizabeth and Bernie and Cory and, let’s not forget, old Joe are going to rescue us from ourselves and make things better. What they forget to tell us that  their game is in making things better for them, and if stirring up hatred, manufacturing falsehoods and creating false bogeymen will do it, so be it. It is their ploy of getting delegates for the big prize and beyond that nothing matters. Not the condition of our country, not moving forward, not peace and prosperity; no, nothing beyond Democrat greed in their inside the beltway pursuit of power and its perks. Magnifying and perpetuating racial discord is but one of their disgustingly selfish and destructive tactics in this regard.

They just don’t get it. Institutional racism is over in this country. Over that is, save for the left-wing, who want to revive it so that they might feed off of it.

Get ready for increased calls for  reparation payments going back to the 19th century for wrongs, real and imagined. The Democrat Party feeds off of grievance politics. Theirs is the institution that delights in playing both the victim and the victim’s champion, all at once. Like all of their preferred narratives, it is a false one. Beyond that it demonstrates their contempt for the people in foisting this type nonsense on them. It is something they do every four years in their vote getting plays for power. Afterward its back to the same old brand of insider politics they play, and the people and their interests be damned.

Every inequity, every problem, every disparity, in the Democrat mind, is attributable to race, colonization, suppression and oppression. The fact members of  more of their favourite victims are in jail is not owing to any degree to personal responsibility. No, that is because your grandmother, the one who made cookies for kids in the neighbourhood, was a vile racist, suppressing minority children in every corner of the country.

This was the message of the Democrats once again as they stretched their already incredulous reach into the lowest echelons of their Party for votes.

Largely ignored by the media was the comedic performance of Kamala Harris. I am thinking she may have been on drugs or at least the benefactor of one too many California martini’s before she went on stage. This user and Willie Brown love doll is clearly unfit to be our President.

Cory Booker once more told us of the poor neighbourhood he likes living in. How many times must we hear that he hears gun fire most nights? We get the point Senator. You like to patronize in order to hide the fact you are a corrupt bagman for New Jersey’s uniquely branded game of Democrat politics.

Little Beto O’Rourke, so much trying to look the part of a newly minted Bobby Kennedy, without strength and guts, mind you, proudly told us that he will be going into our homes and taking our guns. Give him credit, at least, for spilling the truth of the Democrat message.

Yet, as normal, the night’s booby prize goes to old Joe Biden. It was amazing to listen and watch the liberal media later proclaim how well he had done. They had their scripts and read them well.

Old Joe and he looked particularly weary and worn this time around, resembled a deer with his eyes caught in the headlights. His face appeared buffed with some sort of shiny material. He stumbled and fumbled and issued odd remarks such as encouraging you to turn your “ record player” on so the kids could listen to music. Maybe he plans to invite Nat King Cole to the White House. Who is to say?

Next he entered into a monologue on how he plans to send social workers into our homes to make certain that we are properly raising our children.

Here it is people. These Dems are so desperate to appeal to their base that they are making plans to send their thugs to knock down our doors to take guns and enter with social workers to tell you how your kids should be raised.

Great stuff; great stuff. I doubt if even George Orwell could conjure up such accounts, yet the Democrats are promising them in what is their promise to us of how they will govern. Our only comfort may lay in the fact they never honor commitments. That and the fact the American people generally see through bunko artists and this should spell their electoral demise.

The one performer who keeps hammering away and chipping. at weak front-runner Joe is the little Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. She and her cadre of loony lefties are continuing to make up ground. She is that party’s version of George McGovern in 1972. She reflects the desires of most Democrats and oh, they so desperately want her to have the nomination. All that stands in her and their way is a tired old hack held up by party elites and mainstream media. So far, they have kept the doors of the castle locked. Don’t count on it continuing.

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