Last Night’s Democrat debate features their plan to raise your taxes, ignore the Taliban, socialize medicine, provide support for illegal aliens and further strangle by excessive regulation American businesses.

Call it just another night at the Democrat Playhouse where the same old farce is performed before the same old audience. Or, better still, perhaps, call it the Democrat orgy, where that party can play its make-believe game of far-left politics, catering, as it does, to the public class and various bureaucracies, all of whom feast off your money while taxing and regulating you to extinction.

I watched it on MSNBC, wanting to experience the full-effect of the love interest that exists between main-stream media and the Democrat hacks seeking the presidency. A good romance is said to be comforting, even when the participants are inclined, as here, to be all about the glitter gained from someone else’s gold; all about the binge so long as you are paying the bills.

Together, this motley collection of overpaid sycophants, hangers-on, stuffed ego artists and shallow sell-serving thugs provide political vulgarity in full display. They were giddy in each other’s presence. This was their moment and we, the poor sods we are, had better appreciate it and them.

It started off as one might expect with the shrill tones of Elizabeth Warren, having already established her claim to being of sufficiently mixed racial heritage to appeal to all Democrat group interests, spelling out a laundry list of new taxes, more regulations, more special interest spending and giveaways and on it went………she carefully noting that all of this is in your better interests, whatever else you might think.

Give her credit for striking right off the bat that Democrat penchant for displaying their every belief that they are some sort of anointed class, better able to decide your future than you. These are the virtue-seekers, rushing now to the head of the line among their social-justice warrior comrades. That is the Warren message, loud, clear and not to be questioned.

The candidate, however, who was at once most obnoxious and yet most typical of the Democrat field (funny, how that seems to go together isn’t it?) was Beto O’Rourke. Now remember, call him Beto because that, after all, is such a cute name and like a Madonna, Prince or Cher, his self-proclaimed singular identifier. And he, of course, is the cute and cuddly candidate emphasizing how feelings are more important than facts; how government, under him, coincidentally, should have more rights than the individual because, here we go again, the poor old individual simply knows less than Washington bureaucrats and the cocktail circuit crowd.

Beto was careful to note that his 11-year-old daughter was in the audience. One was expecting him to say that she helped him pick out his tie, doubtless something he spent more time on than any policy matter. You see, Beto might have said, we are a modern family and we discuss things together. He drips of that sanctimonious self-righteousness that so typifies today’s modern Democrat.

When Julian Castro came at him, poor little Beto almost cried. He simply couldn’t understand how he, as the golden boy of Texas, or so he thinks, could be criticized. He displayed a look as if to suggest, how can you attack me.? I am trying to look like Bobby Kennedy. Look at my haircut. In High School I always dated the best-looking girl. Now, mind you, we just went for latte’s; no sex was involved, not without the prior consent of her parents after a full discussion on its true inner meaning.

New York Mayor De Blasio, stuck on the far left of the stage, a fitting location for him, as it turned out, kept interrupting the others. He wanted it known that he was there, and his interruptions unfortunately reminded us of that fact.

Cory Booker gave the same answer to every question, though did so with a feigned earnestness that was touching. He wanted it known and known and known again, that he lived in a poor neighbourhood and often heard guns going off. Much like his campaign, this was contrived nonsense. This guy has played the insider game of New Jersey “give me my cut of the money “better than anyone since Tony Soprano. He is best known for profiting from so-called minority owned businesses by using his Senate connections to get them government funding. He may appear before the poor for campaign videos bit this guy lives large off the type graft that Democrats deem legal.

Ohio Congressman Ryan used the new Democrat catch-all populist phrase, put in play after many focus group consultations, designed to suggest an earnest genuineness, to demonstrate this party’s common man touch: “pissed off.” Yes, Democrats are pissed-off with this and pissed off with that….do you hear how we talk, common guy? We are just like you. Right now, we’re pissed- off and we’re going to do something about it. Just what that something is, well, we really don’t want to tell you but all you need know now is that we’re pissed-off.

Ryan next described his party and give him full credit for this moment of honesty, elitist. Wow. Making this moment more poignant, DeBlasio joined in with him, saying the same thing.

Warren, Booker, Beto and the rest stood there, jaws hanging, as this obvious truth was dropped from the bag. They displayed that “don’t be telling people stuff they should not know about us,” look. It’s the same one a dog has just after it is caught doing something wrong and just before it heads to the corner, tail carefully tucked under its body.

Absent from the night was any criticism of President Trump. Wait, I am wrong. A questioner asked for responses to the fact that 71 % of the American people, including 60% of Democrats, say that the economy is better under the President than it was under Obama. I guess the group found this one difficult to answer.

They are going to do such great things: change the climate, levy more and bigger taxes,, redistribute wealth, hire more bureaucrats to run our lives, take away your choice for medical care…….it all sounds so good in the Democrat world where the administrative state reigns supreme and crushes every individual right and opportunity. 

They’re pissed off and are going to design a new world order. Long live the revolution or, as the let’s pander to the Hispanic voter, Democrat set now say, after checking with Google translate, though looking as sincere as good acting will allow, Larga Vida a la revolucion!

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