The Myth of Islamophobia

Tell me, does being against the communist belief system make one a bad person, a communist phobe, say? How about being an anti-fascist? Does it make one perhaps anti-Italian or anti-Chilean, considering the once popularity of that doctrine in those countries. Maybe even if we express anti-Nazi sentiment it might be said of us that we are anti-German.

Yes, any such correlation is ridiculous. We know that, of course. But don’t try to convince liberals of this fact.

For today’s liberal, the system of Muslim beliefs, the tenents of that faith, its written texts, the Koran and Hadith, are beyond reproach. Why, you might ask?

Well, it seems that liberals equate criticism of a belief system that they regard as being practiced primarily by people of color as racism. For them, instead of that system of unsubstantiated belief itself being irrational, instead it is irrational to oppose it.

In the case of Islam we witness the great clash between favored liberal objects of sacredness. For them, how can one criticize anything, however backward and oppressive it may be, should it be embraced by one minority or another.
Hence they have provided us with the clumsy term Islamophobia.

We know a phobia, of course, to be an irrational fear of something or other. One might fear heights, water, open spaces, closed spaces and on goes the list.

What, however, is irrational about rejecting and opposing a belief system, as one might Nazism, fascism or communism, especially where, as with Islam, it is irrational?

I derive a great kick out of those who suggest we must understand other cultures and their practices without question. Really. Does this include Islam, which denigrates and oppresses women, denies free speech and expression, prohibits even the most basic acts of individual independence and identity expression. For the liberal it does. They are caught in the liberal vice where tolerance for even the intolerable is to given sanction, all in the name of the great liberal ideal of misplaced fairness.

It is truly difficult to discern how a once powerful political and ideological philosophy has withered into the narrow receptacle of bigotry and hypocrisy that now represents its every essence and life-force.

Let me be clear; I loathe everything about Islam. I want none of its doctrines brought into our system of law and civil government. We are not merely a different country with a different culture and political identity. We are a better country. Better because, while we sometimes fall short in achieving our ideals, those ideals promote and not debase the dignity of all peoples. Islam does not. Islam is a hate – filled and violent system of utterly evil beliefs.

Challenge the Democrat presidential candidates to give their views on this falsified notion of Islamophobia. You will find that they all are cowered by being unwilling to offend they who are themselves entirely offensive. You will find they will not stand firm in promoting and advancing the ideals which made this nation great.

In this country all people are free to believe as they see fit and proper to believe. In doing so, however, they are to adhere to our constitution and the system of law that flows from it. Our republic is great because of our system of government, the greatest system ever crafted by man.

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