MSNBC anchor lies about General Robert E Lee to promote Biden candidacy

It will come as no surprise, considering the virulently partisan approach MSNBC brings to political reporting, that it has engaged in a deliberate pattern of lies and misrepresentation respecting the terrible happenings more than one year ago at Charlottesville.

From the acid- twisted bitter tongue of former Democrat operative  and now MSNBC mudslinger Lawrence O’Donnell, still smarting after his self-assured 2004 boast that John Kerry would annihilate President Bush in that year’s presidential election, came the assertion that General Robert E Lee, that legendary American leader and entirely decent man, was a “ treasonous torturer of slaves, whose sole reason for fighting for the southern states was to preserve slavery so that he might continue torturing his slaves.” More on this in a moment, but first some background.

Soon after announcing his third candidacy for the Presidency Joe Biden made mention of the tragedy that occurred at Charlottesville. It was the type of divisive and explorative move that has become commonplace among Democrat presidential hopefuls. It feeds to what is now the base of the Democrat Party: a collection of group identity misfits who exploit race for partisan purposes.

Biden, in doing so, however, reached a new low, even for the Democrat Party, which is now known for crawling through any gutter that might yield it political gain. Consequences mean nothing to this selfish band of miscreants. Theirs is the world of the political state with them firmly ensconced as its and, by implication, our masters. Saying and doing whatever it takes to achieve this role is of no consequence to this element.

The grizzled and old former Vice President revived discussion on the incident, suggesting he represents the real American spirit and how racism is not part of that spirit. There is nothing like a clear statement of the obvious but Biden, of course, had another message.

He wanted it made clear that while he represented that spirit and his Democrat Party, quite obviously to its members, of course, is the one Party which embodies that spirit, those who do not see things his and their way are racists. More than that they are the worst type of knuckle-draggers as well as likely being misogynists and climate change deniers. They, we, you, whoever is in their sights are just bad people it seems. But if you put your trust in Old Joe, well, your vote, at least, all will be well.

Then enter the erratic left-wing loon Lawrence O’Donnell. Poor Lawrence has yet to be treated for Democrat derangement syndrome, an affliction that infests the bodies of most of the social justice warrior, do-gooder, virtue -seeking political class. In other words, the foundational base of the Democrat Party.

Once Party chieftain Biden laid out the battle plan, loonie Lawrence emerged with his MSNBC Democrat Party comrades in tow. Spouting the Party line, they mouthed the carefully baked phrases and talking points, all designed to divide with the hopeful expectation that next would follow the conquering in that dual pursuit. Today’s Democrats have no conscience beyond doing what it takes to get what they want. Ethics is a concept they regard as situational.

So, if that means lying about our history, misrepresenting the character of our historical figures, making an industry out of divisive politics and more so, that’s fine, just so long as the Party line is followed. It’s all about the cause.

For Robert E Lee, the facts reveal a different man than MSNBC and Joe Biden would have you believe. He was admired and respected by all who knew him and all who have since studied him and his works. He was a man with an infinite sense of decency and patience. He had a quiet and dignified manner. His achievements are such that no one tribute would suffice in affording sufficient attention to their honourable nature and profoundly meaningful effects.

For what is now much of our nation, he was, at a troubled time in our history, the one figure they could always rely upon. He resigned his commission and stood with his native State of Virginia because for him, it was his home and he would not abandon it any more than he would his family and neighbours.

Shortly before the surrender at Appomattox, as he was considering that potential fate, he said to an aide, ‘What will the country think, should I do this?” The aide said to him, “General Lee, Sir, you are the country.”  No truer words were spoken. Two years prior, after Gettysburg, he offered his resignation to President Davis, saying that “a younger and better man” should take command of the Army. In his response the President said, “While there may be a younger man, you will forgive me when I say to you that my sight is not sufficiently penetrating to envisage a better one.”

That was Robert E Lee, Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Biden. Don’t you try to take the truth from us with your ignorance of our history and your distorted views of our people just so your gang may secure a few votes. Don’t you continue falsely and maliciously denigrating the legacy of Robert E Lee in your efforts to attack our President. You and your minions are weak people, devoid of any of the qualities that make America great and our people the world’s champions of freedom and liberty.  

. Robert E Lee was no more a racist than was President Harry Truman, who called him “my childhood hero.” He was no more a racist than President Gerald Ford who restored his rights of citizenship. Finally, he was no more a racist than President Dwight David Eisenhower, who hung his portrait in the Oval Office.

Incidentally, that was the same President Eisenhower who sent the National Guard troops into Arkansas to protect the rights of black students. It was a Democrat administration who, only a few short years later, showed no such courage, preferring to dither and delay for political reasons. Those good old “political reasons.” Sound familiar?

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