Democrats recycle discarded Joe Biden

Never content to simply be yesterdays has been, Joe Biden is making another run for the job he has been after for thirty (30) plus years. Yes, the twice defeated candidate for the Democrat Presidential nomination is at it once again. Surprise, surprise, he wants to be our President, ignoring the fact this door was slammed in his face twice before.

Surely, or so he thinks, the pesky Democrat Party will not deny him its nomination yet another time. Or maybe, at 78, he realizes that this is his last chance and that reason alone justifies his candidacy. Covering such true intent will be a series of excuses, all dressed up to look statesmanlike and, of course, presidential.

Whatever may be his personal sense of mission and ambition, there are many Democrats who have signed on to it. For them, ever anxious to boast of their high ecological and environmental rectitude, there is nothing quite so redeeming as to recycle an old political fossil. The financial backing of special interest at the ready, they will engage in a transformation exercise making a Jurassic Park type effort minor work by comparison. Yet, in the case of Biden, recycling this old dinosaur will likely be a job beyond the abilities of even the most talented political set designers and make up artists.

Knocked off the rails in 1988 by his plagiarism and again in 2008, when he was regarded as a figure from the past even then, the career politician is back at it again. It says something of the Democrats that they are so cowered and so bereft of contemporary ideas that they are considering running this worn out retread. Their actions conjure up images of the perpetually disappointed dieter, moving from one failed eating plan to the next, never realizing that all he knows are bad choices.

Already he has jumped out to an early lead in the crowded field of Democrat hopefuls. His effort has not benefited, however, from the man who knows his political abilities best. Over the weekend his former boss. Barack Obama, said that a true sign of leadership was knowing when to step aside and be a mentor or role model. It would seem that Obama is following his 2016 choice of dissing Joe. Back then, Obama made it clear to a salivating Vice-President Biden that the presidential nomination was something he should not seek. No, that was to be the prize for Obama’s soul-mate and one-time rival, Hillary Clinton. The Democrats displaying their typical top down approach have no time for a nomination selection process driven by party members. Instead, it is to be left to the elites and so-called super-delegates.

But let’s look at what this really represents.

The Party that champions itself as the agent of reform and fresh ideas is once again showing its true face. What is revealed is not a party at all. Instead what poses as the Democrat Party is a desperate group of rumps, each competing for the levers of power, anxious to use such levers to impose its peculiar will and values upon the rest of us. To one of these rumps, if reaching back to an illusory past will help grab that power, so be it.
Biden is now the party’s chief hack and windbag, following in a line of previous holders of that esteemed title, ranging back to Hubert Humphrey and including Walter Mondale and Al Gore. Like him, all were former Vice-Presidents and, like him, as well, all would not get off the shelf long after their best before date had expired.

It is testament to the Democrats utter desperation and emptiness that all Biden’s backers can say in support of his candidacy is that he can beat Trump. Beyond that it is a series of bromides and platitudes, of painted on smiles and false expressions of empathy. In this sense, Biden best exemplifies what is the Democrat Party: a collection of whining elitists and charter member of the political class who will consider any path, however strewn it may be with corpulence, that will bring them to power. It is a party that has long since lost its way, motivated only by greed and self-preservation.

This is a candidate who before a single vote is cast is making it clear that he will serve only one term. What lurks beneath that otherwise strange commitment is the fact that his is a campaign that offers little other than personal ambition. “Look,” you guys, he might as well be saying, “I’ve been hanging out here a while. How about letting me sit in the big chair. I deserve it and I won’t stay long.” We are left with one redeeming feature of his potential Presidency: it won’t last too long. I can see the Biden bumper stickers, proudly displayed over the faded Hillary in 2018 ones on the Volvo and Subaru wagons parked outside one coffee house after another, exclaiming “Elect Biden….and he’ll leave as soon as possible.”

Biden is part of that club who are always seen on the trendy social circuit, the familiar television talk programs, on podiums lecturing us on how we should live and , at all times, talking about the people, the American pee-pull, as these Democrats patronizingly refer to us, never really knowing what we the people think and caring even less to find out. Theirs is a world where they think they and their views superior to those of most Americans based on their position and status. They deem themselves members of a political class elite and the average American subservient to what their will dictates. It is a world where group identity rules over the rights of the individual. It is a world we do not want, just as we do not want Biden and the Democrat gang to take more power and authority from our citizens.

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